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strong product innovation and R & D capability

Elite company has been focusing on the research & development and design of paper shredder core componet for over 20 years, the professional engineer is engaged in the mould, electronic and mechanical structure design workmore than 40 people, Elite has been had more than 60 national patents and 2 PCT international patents.The new technological products, such as the double-edge blade and the new all-steel cutter, have been innovated in the paper shredder industry and won the unanimous approval and attention of customers all over the world.

Strong production capacity

company has a complete set of advanced mould processing equipment such as cutter, blade, gear transmission and rack of paper shredder, more than 60 sets of automatic puncher, automatic lathes and other production equipment, and can produce all kinds of paper shredder blades, cutter, cutting unit and various hardware accessories.

Professional manufacturing team

The Elite company has a professional production team, which has more than 400 members, including r&d department, production department, quality department, perchase department, sales department, administration department and finance department, to ensure the smooth development and production of products.The company provides accommodation for all employees, holds regular employee activities, constantly improves employee treatment, creates a good environment to stabilize the existing team, and attracts excellent personnel to join the Elite company。

Cooperation for many years, trustworthy[customer and cooperation]

Cooperation for many years, trustworthy
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Elite products with good quality and convenient...[customer and cooperation]

Elite products with good quality and convenient operation
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Elite, quality after-sales service[customer and cooperation]

Elite, quality after-sales service
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Dongguan Elite Electric Hardware Product Co., LTD

The Dongguan Elite Electric Hardware Product Co. Ltd was founded in 1998 at Gaobu Town, Dongguan City, a high-tech enterprise company has subsequently developing and producing Document Shredders. Over 20 years of development Elite has grown to a company with over 400 employees, has more than 60 patents including 2 International PCT patents for all the shredder product. We have a full set of advanced mold processing equipment, automatic punching machine, automatic lathes and other production equipment, has produced a large number of professional Paper shredder cutters and cutting unit, and we will continue to develop and produce various shredder products to customer all around the world. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign friends to visit our company.

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